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+ lj user: escadevotion
+ location: the Calm Lands
+ suki: anime, video games, reading, drawing, playing her cello, snape, sleeping, writing worlds and creating them, being generally amused, her smosors, springtime, Yoshitaka Amano, October, and Neil Gaiman.
+ kirai: tv reporters, DUBYA, November, Febuary, people on DA who suck but get all the page views and comments, working in retail, time, school, evil things in general.
+ namae-tatchi: Devotion, Devotion Nine, emem, teh emem, EmorZ, Shisei
+ age: approx. 20.595 earth years
+ tanjou: April 6
+ zodiac: Aries
+ chyugoku zodiac: boar
+ associative animal: a red sheep named Shisei
+ Devotion is an: Artist, Poet, Writer, Musician
+ Favorite Anime: Escaflowne, Inu Yasha, Fruits Basket, Witch Hunter Robin, Last Exile, Hellsing, X, Iria
+ Favorite Writers: NEIL GAIMAN (buy his books or I'll murder you...slowly), Douglas Adams, Joan D. Vinge, Anne Rice, J.K.Rowling
+ Favorite Musicians: Tori Amos, NIN, Hikaru Utada, Ayumi Hamasaki, Do As Infinity, Asian Kung-Fu Generation



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+ playing: FFX-2 (chapter 4: 40%)
+ recently beat: Final Fantasy X
+ recently rented: Castlevania
+ recently anticipated: FFXII, Kingdom Hearts (sequel & presequel)


+ none. Damn it Neil, release another book already! +

+--} last finished book: Philip Pullman, The Golden Compass. Rating: ****1/2 {a good read, interesting concepts, and plotline, remind me to pick up the other two in the series}


oh gawd, it's one of those loser surveys again [29 Oct 2004|12:41am]
and it's a ro one

save yourself the pain and avert thy eyesCollapse )
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/hmm [22 Oct 2004|01:25am]
Jason took me off his lj list because "no chance of seeing anything eye-to-eye".

Funny, we only argued about petty RO things, which, he isn't a part of anymore. Just the people he is friends with from RO. >>; swt.

Sooo. Um, well...it was nice knowing you Jason ^^; I didn't give a rats ass about what we argued about on RO, I still liked you. I never took such scenes at heart, ever. Iunno, maybe I have grown resilient to those sort of things. RO drama just doesn't phase me anymore. I still liked to read your journal, ro or not.

I cared about you as a person, not just as Renvaras. I wish that really mattered to you, but I guess not.

Same with Tammie. Just because you're not in my guild anymore doesn't mean I hate your guts. u.u;

Ah well, maybe it is time to make a new journal and start anew. I'll probably do that when my paid account expires.

Putting that aside, I'm heading home this weekend. I really miss my cat Tori ;.; That and it'll be nice to be away from this apartment for a while. Being cooped up here sometimes gets to me, and I do get homesick.

I'm off to sleep,
g'night everyone ^^
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hmmm several things [19 Oct 2004|03:56pm]
It's getting colder so a stop at home this weekend is in order for I have no coats.
- Gay parking lot left me a note on Ilamond (or rather, the tenant building to the back on it) treatening to tow, I parked on another street and got 2 parking tickets. I'm having serious anxiety of parking anywhere until I either 1.)buy a monthly card to park in a lot somewhere 2.)decide to ride the bus. Will discuss if boyo ever come back today. I tried finding the office today in order to get a pass but after much frustration wound up just heading home and thinking it best to discuss what boyo knows. I haven't a clue on stuff like this you know.
-I'm going to get strict-mother on myself and not play RO until I have homework done. Because what happens is I play RO, guild members talk/harass me (though not in a bad way harassing..harassing is the only word I can think of OK >:|) then I get sleepy, decide to do homework in the morning, wake up, and still be sleepy, and then I'm screwed. I get anxious. I don't go to class. It's a really not-so-good cycle. Then again the whole not being able to freely park anywhere is a bad anxiety in me as well. I can feel a heart attack any time now.
-I've been thinking of abandoning this journal and starting a totally new one. Not that I don't like this one. It's just filled with things in the past and up until now, hasn't felt as personal as I probably like it to be now. I sorta feel like Lindsay. Where has she gone to? ;_; She popped up on Aim a while back sending me gothic lolita goodness. I miss her lots. </3 ;o; - I still need a job. I got a check from my school but it's ok to live off of for a few months. My mother still worries about this like, daily I bet. But the truth is I hated working at Meijer (well, mostly), and I knew if I had transferred, I'd feel 1.) suffocated 2.) more anxious 3.) not able to settle in, relax for a few, get school together. So now I have a problem trying to find a job. I have no idea where to start, and getting me to make myself go out and politely ask is like pulling teeth. -Vikki, a old time highscool friend has been talking to me, and she's trying to hook me up with her guy-friend. I understand that I've gone on long enough without a guy, and what with all of my friends from highscool either 1.) engaged 2.) married 3.) in serious relationship they pretty much think I should go out and, as they say, get laid. However most of me quite likes solitude, and points out that 21 doesn't treaten to make me an old maid. Sure, I'd like to meet this fellow- we have pretty silmilar interests. I'm cool with that. I'm just not the sort who goes out to clubs on nights looking to score dates with hot men, let me just say. -hmm what else...oh, sadly it's almost Halloween, yet it's nowadays I don't know what day it even is. I don't have a costume, or pumpkins to carve. It's really depressing me. I think maybe this Halloween I'll spend it with my mom. I think she'd like that.
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compromises? I love compromises~ [09 Oct 2004|04:36am]
Assuming a lot of you don't care for RO >:| I'm leaving it seperated from this journal.

Because I made a ROdiary: http://www.rodiary.com/blog.php?user=642

If you're interested and want to know what I'm up to in ro look there, otherwise I'm not likely to discuss it in my journal much.
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[09 Oct 2004|02:39am]
Midterms coming up and all of my teachers are planning field trips for some reason o_O;

Hmm other than that not much happening. Reading books (I read Nick Sagen's Idlewild, which Neil Gaiman reccomends, and I REALLY liked it (but the ending is sorta disappointing in a way) but it's completely awesome because the main character is named Halloween. How damn cool is that?)

I watched the debates again tonight for a little while. After I short period I wanted to throw heavy objects at the tv and at Bush's head. He's such a bastard.

You also want to know why my school is freaking cool? Everyone is so liberal. On the 7th floor (Illustration, where I'll mostly hang out) is a posting of charactures of Bush, all political statements of how much of a ass he is. Really. This was a assignment to the students. How cool is that?

That's not all. A person in my speech is doing his on ghost hunting. Kick ass. Mari, who sits by me in speech asked what mine was going to be on, and I replied saying "Man-eating Trees" and she thought that was the coolest thing in the world.

My color teacher, when Hillary was going on about how her friend dated a boy once obsessed with D&D and said "I create worrllds" (It was hillarious I swear) then started talking about Star Wars fans and how obsessed they are with that, my color teacher responded with:

"But Star Wars is cool."

Damn, I love my school. It's so awesome.

Oh hey, btw Krissy, didn't you send me something about man-eating trees once? About there being an instance in California? I haven't been able to find it anywhere on the internet for some reason. :\

And ro news (yay screenshot :V)

Maluna hit lvl 91. o__o! (that white blob above Mal's head is the lvl up angel..the screen caught it before it unfurled :\) She's my battle priestess and highest character not to mention leader of the guild A.N.G.E.L. (based on my comic book A.N.G.E.L. Engea as Maluna is also a character from it). That monster is a seal (they're evil I tell you ;_;) and I'm killing it with a big wind book XD

Less than 8 lvls and I can beat this damn game >:|

PS- I need to make new icons ;_;;;
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Another reason why my mother's computer is ghey.. [01 Oct 2004|12:44pm]
[ mood | apathetic ]

The new update for livejournal will not allow me to update on my mother's computer because it is a mac, and it decided that it was a error and closes IE whenever it goes to it. So I had to download a client....just to update in my livejournal. Yeah. How sad.

Anyways. Suprised there isn't any entries about the big political debate last night. I'm still not registered to vote (yeah I know, I suck.), but it's on my errands list today so chill.

The one thing that seriously peeved me about it was that all they argued about was Iraq. I know it's important what happened there and what coulda shoulda woulda been done there, but this is our country you're talking about leading, not Iraq....the United States. You could talk about terrorism all you damn well please after the election but damnit, what about U.S. business? What of our economy? Our elderly? Our taxes? Our Schools?

U.S. issues > Iraq


I don't see what a difference my vote could do against the election really, since every 4 years it's one rich idiot after another being pitted against another rich idiot. Hmm should I vote for rich idiot #1 or rich idiot #2? Really. Our nation is screwed.

Anyways, if you didn't see it you really didn't miss much. Kerry liked to nod and write down notes when Bush spoke and seemed to be enjoying it. Bush looked like a defensive gorilla who leaned on his podium, and in a lot of cases took a while to spit out words. It got rather droll after a while, so I went off to sleep.

Now it's time for me to do some errands. Lovely ;P


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I'm alive? [30 Sep 2004|12:54am]
Hihiii journal

Long time no typing. Hmm.

Anyways. School is ok. Life is ok. I'm a bit too frazzled for my own good but I think I've always been that way. Boyo and I watched Home Alone tonight, and I'm really getting excited because it's nearly October. You know what's in October now don't you? Only my favorite holiday EVER. :| So~ I'm in witch mode right now.
Also drew some things (all school work projects aren't in the illustrative field quite yet so it's been making me anxious). Been thinking more of writing in my novel rather than forgeting of it. It's a good sign.

In the RO world Maluna is still lvl 90 (near 20%, not lvling because my guild members will whine that I'm growing more out of thier party sharing range...then again they whine because I'm never on lvling... /swttt) I remade General Askani, my once pre-alchemist into a pre-agi/crit knight. And I recently made a battleforger who can already make lvl 1 elemental weapons, P e t r a (I named her after Petra from When I Die Make Sure I'm Gone...I needed a bitchy RO character sometime..) I just sold my first elementals, a very strong wind main gauche and a earth main gauche. Makes me both proud and excited. Making refining ores and weapons is lots of fun! I want to get her to a lvl where she can make lvl 3 elementals and make me lots of money. /gg

I ought to shove off to bed since I have classes tomorrow. I'll be heading home to do errands after then.

Send your love~

updaatttee [15 Sep 2004|12:38am]
School is going ok.

I'm not particularly fond of 3-D class seeing as how the wire sculpture project is producing large gashes in the flesh of my fingers and hands. -_-; 2-D is awsome, my teacher lets us listen to Harry Potter books on tape (we're listening to Goblet of Fire right now, on chapter 4), and my art history teacher wore a Gryffindor pin the other day. Man I love my school. Today in speach class I found there is a comic book sequential art group that meets on the 7th floor at 6pm on weekdays. :D

Worried of finances, but trying hard not to worry and stay focused on school.

It's been a long time since I talked about RO. Maluna is 29% away from lvl 90. Ty's gone on leave, and this drama concerning LoD will be gone for good. If it isn't drama from members in my guild, it was drama from LoD. I admit it is at a ludacris point of getting out of hand, that is why I'm pleased Amatsu is being implemented (as I type this). My guild did the impossible and actually held a fort during WoE, until the alliance of Alde came to rape our poor inexpirienced and outnumbered asses. What's funny is people like to say my guild sucks, yet they will say, "Oh but Maluna is awesome!" and my guildmembers will wonder how I know these people. It amuses me. I know my guild is not great. It won't be for a very long time and lots of hard work, but I'm amused people I've never met know who I am and respect me. It means a lot for a battle preistess, I can tell you that much. As for my other characters, my merchant General Askani has only risen to 3 1/2 jobs away from alchemist. I'm weary to attempt the alchemist test because I know it is the worst one of any class...ever. And that it costs a lot of zenny. Which I don't have at the moment. My little battle aco Chun Lee finally made it to Monk and she now has Mental Strength lvl 5. She tanked Dark Lord once XD it was fun. Tatenia is still the same lvl, and a dancer again, - same lvl since I let my guildmembers borrow my nible clips and double boned arb >
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saying adieu to IE [08 Sep 2004|08:58am]
Since a few year ago all I've gotten from using Internet Explorer were pop ups and spam, and on a few occaisons, spyware being illegally downloaded into my computer without my permission. Oh, also some viruses.

Suprisingly, I kept with IE, and continued using it, because I never cared for Netscape (it's slow as hell).

Well, every nerd has their geeky computer nerd friends to help her out, because it's what we nerds tend to do, and by now they are probably saying "MY GOD, FINALLY!" at me for it.

I've switched to using Firefox of Mozilla.

I say everyone should. Not because IE is a flaming pile of poo,...

....well, actually, yes, because IE is a flaming pile of poo. I take that back.

Hopefully I won't have to use my Ad-aware with so much paranoia everyday, from now on.
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bad emem bad! [08 Sep 2004|08:04am]
[ mood | apathetic ]

So I'm here missing 3-D design because I realized 1.) Don't feel like taking my french easel to make into a wire sculpture (seriously, nothing in my apt appeals to transforming into a wire sculpture, except my little Baku statue from Sandman Dreamhunters [it's a japanese dream spirit representation Yoshitaka Amano did] too bad the teacher is odd and said we're making these at scale model, and won't make an exception for me. He did say that my figure was like the best sort for it, too bad it's only like, an inch tall. 2.) I have no wire to make the sculpture with. Went to Home Depot. Yanno, for a store that specializes in distributing those sorts of supplies you'd think they'd have it. Apparently the staff there didn't know what the fuck I was talking about because they had no clue. I had no clue either, the store is poorly mapped out. Went to Meijer and made photocopies for 2-D class- they didn't have the wire either. Went to Hobby Lobby (there is one right on Alpine 5 min away from me, yayyy) they had sodder, and soddering rods. No wire.

Screw you 3-D class!

lol. Seriously.

My other classes are ok, but I need to SKIP NO MORE :|. I bailed out of speech and art history because I felt sick. I'm still not used to waking up in the morning so early. Makes my stomach really queasy.

So this weekend when I go home for laundry I am finding wire, and something to make into a wire sculpture. I want to find something interesting, that's amusing to look at. I'm known for that sort of thing. Must keep up with appearances. You know.

Oh, and I need to remind myself to get vellum and black poster board before 2-D today. At least I'm prepared for that class.

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